HengHui Sun

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The hierarchically nanosheet-assembled NiCo@SiO2@Ag (NSA) core-shell microspheres have been synthesized by a layer-by-layer procedure at ambient temperature. The mean particle size of NSA microspheres is about 1.7 μm, which is made up of some nanosheets with an average thickness of ∼20 nm. The outer silver shell surface structures can be controlled well by(More)
This paper reports the synthesis of a new class of NaLnF(4)-Ag (Ln = Nd, Sm, Eu, Tb, Ho) hybrid nanorice and its application as a surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrate in chemical analyses. Rice-shaped NaLnF(4) nanoparticles as templates are prepared by a modified hydrothermal method. Then, the NaLnF(4) nanorice particles are decorated with Ag(More)
The forward kinematics of one kind of multiple motion-coupled linkages mechanisms were investigated, which were applied to the finger of one kind of under-actuated hand, when the finger was not touching any objects. By setting virtual link-lengths for multiple motion-coupled linkages, a numerical approximating method to solve the linkages forward kinematics(More)
A new turning-mechanism for Amoeba-like Robot was proposed in this paper, which based on the amoeba-like robot kinematics characteristics of tail contracting and skin flipping. First, one kind of variable-speed node composed of the spring and damp was designed. Because of the existing of the variable-speed nodes, the velocities of the two strip-skins(More)
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