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10 healthy male volunteers fasted for 72 hours. Their plasma concentration of free fatty acid increased more than two-fold, to 1.8 mmol/l. The number of reversible venous "in vivo" platelet aggregates increased significantly (p less than 0.01); this figure correlated with the concentration of long-chain saturated free fatty acid in plasma (p less than(More)
Technical A/-phenyl-1-naphthylamine (PANA), which is an optic isomer of A/-phenyl-2-naphthylamine (PBNA), has been used as a rubber additive without suspicion of its being carcinogenic. When male ICR mice were given repeated s.c. injections of both technical and pure PANA in dimethyl sulfoxide, it resulted in high percentage of malignant tumors similar to(More)
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