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Digital image authentication has become a hot topic in the last few years. In this paper, a pixel-based fragile watermarking method is presented for image tamper identification and localization. By analyzing the left and right singular matrices of SVD, it is found that the matrix product between the first column of the left singular matrix and the(More)
Continuous rolling of plate and strip is a typical complex, multi-variable and multi-objective system, which has shown the characteristics such as complication, large-scale and close coupling increasingly. Therefore, it has become more and more difficult to design complex industrial control systems. This paper describes a multi-agent control system for a(More)
With the development of image processing technology, the copyright protection of digital images has become an urgent problem to be solved. As an effective method, the robust digital watermarking technique emerges at a historic moment. Currently, most robust watermarking schemes are performed in the transform domains, such as the discrete cosine transform(More)
In view of problems of low in contrast gradient and fuzzy in imaging quality, it proposed a wavelet fusion method. Wavelet transform, histogram equalization and non-linear operator are used to process synthetically fog-degraded Image based on the existent image enhancement method. Histogram equalization is processed fog-degraded image firstly, then wavelet(More)
In watermarking schemes, the discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is broadly used because its frequency component separation is very useful. Moreover, LU decomposition has little influence on the visual quality of the watermark. Hence, in this paper, a novel blind watermark algorithm is presented based on LU transform and DWT for the copyright protection of(More)
Based on the sources’ smoothed rank profile (SRP) and modified minimum description length (MMDL) principle, a method for estimation of the source coherency structure (SCS) and the number of wideband sources is proposed in this paper. Instead of focusing, we first use a spatial smoothing technique to pre-process the array covariance matrix of each frequency(More)
The ultrasonic torsional vibration acoustic system is devised. The system consists of a ultrasonic generator, two longitudinal transducer, two longitudinal horn, a reverse horn and bearing components. It is of the vibration frequency 20.7 KHz and ultrasonic vibration amplitude 15μm. The system is installed in the Lathe Slide to boring the precision(More)
Extracted product features from user comments is the basis of fine-grained sentiment analysis, it is of great significance for manufacturers and users. Faced with product feature extraction accuracy is not high, firstly, the paper use the method of conditional random field(CRF) to identify the nominal information; Then, through the map of product feature(More)
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