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The traffic forecasting model, when considered as a system with inputs of historical and current data and outputs of future data, behaves in a nonlinear fashion and varies with time of day. Traffic data are found to change abruptly during the transition times of entering or leaving rush hours. Accurate and real-time models are needed to approximate the(More)
I n recent years, CDMA has been recognized as one of the most efficient and reliable schemes for cellular radio communications. The CDMA scheme was adopted as a new wireless communication industry standard, IS-95, 1 by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) and the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) in 1993 and possesses several distinct(More)
More than 10 species within the freshwater fish genus Sinoncyclocheilus adapt to caves and show different degrees of degeneration of eyes and pigmentation. Therefore, this genus can be useful for studying evolutionary developmental mechanisms, role of natural selection and adaptation in cave animals. To better understand these processes, it is indispensable(More)
INTRODUCTION Intertrochanteric fractures of femur are common in elderly patients. The compression hip screw has become the predominant method for osteosynthesis of intertrochanteric fractures. However, the conventional dynamic hip screws (CDHS) technique has some disadvantages. Recently, we have used a minimally invasive dynamic hip screws (MIDHS) technique(More)
This paper addressed a framework of a traffic prediction model which could eliminate the noises caused by random travel conditions. In the meantime, this model can also quantitatively calculate the influence of special factors. This framework combined several artificial intelligence technologies such as wavelet transform, neural network, and fuzzy logic. In(More)
Multipath fading is one of the major practical concerns in wireless communications. Multipath problem always exists in mobile environment, especially for mobile unit which is often embedded in its surroundings. RAKE receiver has been used to reduce the multipath fading in a wide-band spread spectrum mobile system. However, the tap weights of the multipath(More)
Protein structure prediction (PSP) is the process of searching for the min energy of the protein. While many algorithms have being put forward to predict the structure of protein, the complicated computation make the time cost of the algorithms are significantly expensive. CUDA, the newly developing technology, makes us use Graphic Processing Unit (GPU)(More)
In a Time Division Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (TD-SCDMA) system, one of the critical components is the RF power amplifier. However, RF power amplifiers are perfectly linear. This is one of the main concerns in an RF power amplifier design. The nonlinearity control is described by the out-ofband power emission levels, and the nonlinearity of(More)