Heng-Sheng Tsai

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With the advance of wireless technology in recent years, issues of mobile (m-) business transformation become more important for researchers and practitioners. Subsequent to e-business transformation, mobile technology creates another opportunity of innovation inside and outside businesses. However, there is still limited information for m-business(More)
In the era of knowledge economy, how to exploit knowledge assets is essential for businesses to improve their competitive advantage. Issues such as how to enable or facilitate knowledge management systems (KMS) in an organisation have proven to be important for academia and industry. For the reason that sharing and managing knowledge involves a series of(More)
Knowledge management in the digital economy is playing a critical role in the strategic direction of any organization. Factors that determine the key characteristics of any knowledge management systems are critical for understanding the phenomena of knowledge management. For this reason that sharing and managing knowledge involves a series of activities(More)
telehealth platform and these were reported in this paper in a consolidated manner. The issues identified in the multiple-case study cover the aspects of sound quality, signal transmission, hardware/software design, functionality, and cost considerations. The finding of this study can assist researchers and practitioners in making informed decisions for(More)
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