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CMOS-compatible process carried out on SOI wafers, we have built high-performance torsional microscanners having vertically offset interdigitated-comb actuators. Our microscanner-fabrication process requires three photolithography masks: two to form the front-side microscanner structures and a third to define the backside openings. Both moving and fixed(More)
We have developed a CMOS-compatible, in-situ micro-device to measure three important fabrication, material, and actuation parameters characterizing planar-processed microelectromechanical (MEMS) structures: uniform in-plane over-or undercut (cut error), effective Young's Modulus, and actuation comb-drive forces. Our only measurements are of voltage and(More)
Being a small low-lying island nation, Singapore has a high density population, recreational and industrial facilities along the coast. It is thus highly vulnerable to weather extremes including storm surges. Strong sea level surges due to the northeast monsoon when coinciding with spring tides may lead to coastal floods in the southwest regions of the(More)
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