Heng Fan

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—The error threshold for fault-tolerant quantum computation with concatenated encoding of qubits is penalized by internal communication overhead. Many quantum computation proposals rely on nearest neighbor communication, which requires excess gate operations. For a qubit stripe with a width of + 1 physical qubits implementing levels of concatenation, we(More)
Bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs) are attractive candidates for tissue regeneration and immunoregulation in inflammatory bowel disease. However, their in vivo reparative capability is limited owing to barren efficiency of BMSCs to injury region. Stromal cell-derived factor (SDF-1) plays an important role in chemotaxis and stem cell homing(More)
The electrical power system has the uncertainty in its operation process, from this brings the demand forecast can with actual demand existence certain deviation. The balanced from the electricity generation and the load demand may brought to be, by using of the day-ahead and real-time electricity market transaction mechanism and the demand real-time(More)
The minimal time a system needs to evolve from an initial state to its one orthogonal state is defined as the quantum speed limit time, which can be used to characterize the maximal speed of evolution of a quantum system. This is a fundamental question of quantum physics. We investigate the generic bound on the minimal evolution time of the open dynamical(More)
The administration of bone mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs) could reverse experimental colitis, and the predominant mechanism in tissue repair seems to be related to their paracrine activity. BMSCs derived extracellular vesicles (BMSC-EVs), including mcirovesicles and exosomes, containing diverse proteins, mRNAs and micro-RNAs, mediating various biological(More)
Quantum cloning machines for equatorial qubits are studied. For 1 to 2 phase-covariant quantum cloning machine, using Hilbert-Schmidt norm and Bures fidelity, we show that our transformation can achieve the bound of the fidelity. Networks consisting of quantum gates are presented to realize the quantum cloning transformations. The copied equatorial qubits(More)
Precise parameter estimation plays a central role in science and technology. The statistical error in estimation can be decreased by repeating measurement, leading to that the resultant uncertainty of the estimated parameter is proportional to the square root of the number of repetitions in accordance with the central limit theorem. Quantum parameter(More)
Lying at the heart of quantum mechanics, coherence has recently been studied as a key resource in quantum information theory. Quantum steering, a fundamental notion originally considered by Schödinger, has also recently received much attention. When Alice and Bob share a correlated quantum system, Alice can perform a local measurement to 'steer' Bob's(More)