Heng-Da Cheng

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Image segmentation is very essential and critical to image processing and pattern recognition. This survey provides a summary of color image segmentation techniques available now. Basically, color segmentation approaches are based on monochrome segmentation approaches operating in di!erent color spaces. Therefore, we "rst discuss the major segmentation(More)
Breast cancer is one of the most common cancer among women around the world. Several techniques are available for detection of breast cancer. Mammography is one of the most effective tools for early detection. The goal of this research is to increase the diagnostic accuracy of image processing and machine learning techniques for optimum classification(More)
In this paper, a novel hierarchical approach to color image segmentation is studied. We extend the general idea of a histogram to the homogeneity domain. In the first phase of the segmentation, uniform regions are identified via multilevel thresholding on a homogeneity histogram. While we process the homogeneity histogram, both local and global information(More)
Contrast enhancement is one of the most important issues of image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision. The commonly used techniques for contrast enhancement fall into two categories: (1) indirect methods of contrast enhancement and (2) direct methods of contrast enhancement. Indirect approaches mainly modify histogram by assigning new values(More)
Because of its low signal/noise ratio, low contrast and blurry boundaries, ultrasound (US) image segmentation is a difficult task. In this paper, a novel level set-based active contour model is proposed for breast ultrasound (BUS) image segmentation. At first, an energy function is formulated according to the differences between the actual and estimated(More)
In this paper, a color image segmentation approach based on homogram thresholding and region merging is presented. The homogram considers both the occurrence of the gray levels and the neighboring homogeneity value among pixels. Therefore, it employs both the local and global information. Fuzzy entropy is utilized as a tool to perform homogram analysis for(More)