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CLIN-S is an instance-based, clause-form first-order theorem prover. CLIN-S employs three inference procedures: semantic hyper-linking, which uses semantics to guide the proof search and performs well on non-Horn parts of the proofs involving small literals, rough resolution, which removes large literals in the proofs, and UR resolution, which proves the(More)
Various phases in the delivery of software services such as solution design, application deployment, and maintenance require analysis of the dependencies of software products that form the solution. As software systems become more complex and involve a large number of software products from multiple vendors, availability of correct and up-to-date system(More)
Semantic hyper-linking [Plaisted et al., 1992, Chu and Plaisted, 1993, Chu and Plaisted, 19921 has been proposed recently to use semantics with hyper-linking [Lee and Plaisted, 19921, an instance-based theorem proving technique. Ground instances are generated until an unsatisfiable ground set is obtained; semantics is used to greatly reduce the search(More)