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Eccentric Mastectomy and Zigzag Periareolar Incision for Gynecomastia
The normal malechest contour can be restored by the described method of eccentric subcutaneous mastectomy, which produced a chest contour resembling a normal male chest rather than simply a smaller breast.
Clinical Experiences in Treatment of Heat-Press Injury of Pediatric Hand by Automatic Cup-sealing Machine
Automatic cup-sealing machines (semi- and full automatic type) were used extensively among workshop and unexpected emergence is often caused by the carelessness of parents and the curiosity of
Successful treatment of bronchial obstruction by flexible bronchoscopy and isoniazid: A case report
Administration of isoniazid has been successfully administered to patients with lesions who exhibited a delay in the healing process and resulted in the inhibition of hypertrophic scar formation and prevention of repeated stenosis.
Correction of eyebrow malposition in patients with traumatic injury using endoscopic forehead lift technique.
This report describes the experience with endoscopic forehead lift in three patients, two with facial burns and one with traumatic injury to the frontal nerve, used to correct malpositioned eyebrows.
A Combination of Penile Venous Stripping, Tunical Surgery and Varicocelectomy for Patients with Erectile Dysfunction, Penile Dysmorphology and Varicocele under Acupuncture-aided Local Anesthesia on
A combination of penile venous stripping, penile morphological reconstruction and varicocelectomy provides a novel solution for reestablishing satisfactory and satisfying sexual functioning and performance.
Flap Reconstruction for Electrical Injuries
The five year experience with 60 flaps in 47 electrical injury patients is presented, with the aim of achieving complete primary wound healing and allowing freedom of postoperative movement and nursing.
Release of Anterior Neck Contracture with Supraclavicular Island Flap-Case Report
A case of flame burn more than 90% TBSA with anterior neck contracture successfully reconstructed with this modified supraclavicular flap is preset, and the patient may be waived from burden of long term postoperative cervical splinting with excellent skin appearance matching.
Surgical Treatment for Polydactyly of Foot-6 Years Experience in MMH
The classification proposed by Watanabe et al. is simple and comprehensive in the treatment of lateral ray polydactyly of foot, removal of the radiographically minor digit is an appropriate procedure that can achieve good functional and cosmetic results.