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Hybrid systems present a new dimension to the time correlation of intermittent renewable energy sources. The paper considers the daily energy consumption variations for winter and summer weekdays and weekends in order to compare the corresponding fuel costs and evaluate the operational efficiency of the hybrid system for a 24-h period. Previous studies have(More)
—A new adaptive switched model predictive control (MPC) strategy is designed in this paper for energy dispatching of a photovoltaic-diesel-battery (PDB) hybrid power system, where the battery is unpermitted to charge and discharge simultaneously. The distinguishing feature of the proposed switched MPC is that, new switched constraints are constructed to(More)
Renewable hybrid systems, which can generate power from solar or wind with low cost, is commonly installed in remote areas. When some areas get grid connection, customers installed the hybrid system can earn cost savings if taking part in demand response programs. In this paper an optimal energy management for a grid connected photovoltaic-battery hybrid(More)
The photovoltaic-diesel-battery (PDB) hybrid system is proposed previously to satisfy power requirements in some remote areas locating out of national power grid. However, to dispatch the uses of different components in PDB hybrid system remains a problem. In this paper, mathematical model of the PDB hybrid system is transformed into an MIMO linear(More)
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