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Quality Function Deployment (QFD), as a customer-driven tool, is generally used in the early phase of new or improved products/services design process, and therefore most of the input parameters are highly subjective in nature. The five major input components of the QFD, which are laid in the House of Quality (HOQ), namely, the customer requirement, the(More)
Acknowledgements I am heartily thankful to my advisor Hendry Raharjo, PhD for his invaluable guidance. His attitudes of motivation and his insightful comments helped me throughout my study. Although it was fatiguing, I must admit that I enjoyed what I did. I would also like to thank Prof. Bo Bergman. Without his brilliant idea, this study would not have(More)
In the context of a customer-driven product or service design process, a timely update of customer needs information may not only serve as a useful indicator to observe how things change over time, but it also provides the company a better ground to formulate strategies to meet the future needs of its customer. This paper proposes a systematic methodology(More)
PURPOSE This article aims to provide a literature review on the use of quality function deployment (QFD) in healthcare and a case study in order to provide contextual knowledge as a means of improving applications of QFD in healthcare. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH The literature search was done via Google Scholar, PubMed/MEDLINE, and Web of Science using(More)
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