Hendrix Tanoto

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This paper reports a switchable metamaterial working at terahertz (THz) regime, which is realized by using MEMS fabrications. The resonance induced by 2.60-THz incidence is switched by reconfiguring the metamaterial element, which is analyzed using the coupled oscillators model. The resonance switching of the metamaterial has potential applications, such as(More)
switchable metamaterials that possess very different states are almost a necessity. [ 11 ] Most of the tunable metamaterials that have been demonstrated rely on tuning constituent materials or changing surrounding media by introducing natural materials with higher tunability, such as liquid crystals and phase changing materials. [ 12–19 ] However, this(More)
We report highly efficient continuous-wave terahertz (THz) photoconductive antenna based photomixer employing nano-gap electrodes in the active region. The tip-to-tip nano-gap electrode structure provides strong THz field enhancement and acts as a nano-antenna to radiate the THz wave generated in the active region of the photomixer. In addition, it provides(More)
We report a growth phenomenon where uniform gallium arsenide (GaAs) islands were found to grow underneath an ordered array of SiO(2) nanodisks on a GaAs(100) substrate. Each island eventually grows into a pyramidal shape resulting in the toppling of the supported SiO(2) nanodisk. This phenomenon occurred consistently for each nanodisk across a large(More)
This paper presents a photomixer driven antenna with increased output power at continuous-wave (CW) Terahertz (THz). The antenna is supported by membrane and comprised of a horn cavity for enhancing radiation. With improved impedance matching to the source (photomixer), the output power of this antenna is greatly enhanced compared with the existing antenna(More)
This paper reports a micromachined metamaterial which is tunable between anisotropic and isotropic state. The tuning rescales the metamaterial lattice constant instead of changing the element structure. It realizes a resonance independent change of transmission and tunes the transmitted phase of polarized THz wave. The transmission decreases from 15% to 0(More)
Low temperature GaAs grown by an MBE system exhibiting Hall carrier mobility of 5000 cm<sup>2</sup>/v.s. is fabricated into continuous-wave (CW) Terahertz (THz) photomixers utilizing a dual-dipole antenna with an interdigitated feed structure. The characteristics of the CW THz photomixer are presented.
This paper presents a MEMS switchable optical delay line, which works at terahertz (THz) region. The geometry of the unit cell is tunable by MEMS actuators [1]. In the experiment, it measures that the round trip time of the 5-&#x00B5;m silicon-metal cavity with the metamaterial slab is delayed by a factor of 100 when the gap of the metamaterial unit cell is(More)
We demonstrate a new approach for woodpile microstructure fabrication. The method involves the use of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as a sacrificial substrate for the transfer of SU-8 films to prepatterned structures. The surface activated PVA substrate allows good wettability of SU-8 film and its solubility in water eliminates the need of delaminating SU-8(More)