Hendrik du Toit

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PURPOSE Inactivation of tumor cells by photon irradiation can be markedly improved by tumor oxygenation. We have investigated the effect of the vasoactive drug pentoxifylline with respect to cell toxicity, radiation sensitivity, repair and tumor growth. METHODS V79 and Hela cell survival curves and determination of the tumor volume using rhabdomyosarcoma(More)
Enzymatic biofuel cells (EBFCs) can generate energy from metabolites present in physiological fluids. They represent an attractive alternative to lithium batteries to power implantable devices, as they work at body temperature, are light and easy-to-miniaturise. To be implantable in blood vessels, EBFCs should not only be made of non-toxic and biocompatible(More)
The development of self-powered wearable biodevices is highly attractive for a number of applications, such as health monitoring and drug delivery. Enzymatic fuel cells (EFCs) hold great potential as power sources for such devices, since they can generate power from physiological fluids and operate at body temperature. In this study, we present a cascade of(More)
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