Hendrik Wermser

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A combined approach of deductive and inductive reasoning can leverage the clear separation between the evolving (streaming) and static parts of online knowledge at conceptual and technological levels. What are the hottest topics discussed on Twitter? Which topics have my close friends discussed in the last hour? Which movie is my friend most likely to watch(More)
The task of recommending items, like movies, to users is a core feature of many social networks. Standard approaches either use item or user similarity to suggest the next items users might be interested in. Recently, multivariate models like matrix factorization have become popular to combine the advantages of both perspectives. In addition, extensions(More)
An important task in network modeling is the prediction of relationships between classes of objects, such as friendship between persons, preferences of users for items, or the influence of genes on diseases. Factorizing approaches have proven effective in the modeling of these types of relations. If only a single binary relation is of interest, matrix(More)
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