Hendrik Vrijhof

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OBJECTIVE To determine the percentage of patients with nonmotile sperm 12 weeks after vasectomy, to estimate the time needed for eventual azoospermia in these patients, and to record the percentage of patients with recurrence of nonmotile sperm after initial azoospermia after vasectomy. DESIGN A review of the semen analysis of vasectomies performed in a(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the value of vacuum constriction devices in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of 67 patients were treated with vacuum constriction devices. The impotence was of organic origin in 36 men (54%) while in the remaining 31 (46%) it was of mixed aetiology (organic and psychological factors). Forty-seven(More)
In this series we present the results of a retrospective analysis of 66 vasovasostomy procedures performed between 1983 and 1991. Obstructive intervals and serum antisperm antibodies were correlated with pregnancy and patency rates. With obstructive intervals of less than 5 years a patency rate of 100% (31/31) was obtained. Even more than 10 years after(More)
In its evaluation, the task force examined the significance of aneuploidy in human disease, the methods for detecting aneugens, the mechanisms by which aneugens exert their action and how aneugens, as mutagens, are evaluated by regulatory authorities worldwide. Recommendations for the testing of aneugens and for risk characterisation of chemicals with(More)
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