Hendrik Thering

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We have found that small defects, particularly those within the hairline, are easily reconstructed with methy methacrylate prepared at the operating table. Larger defects, especially in children and active adults, are benefited by autogenous bone grafts and we prefer split rib. When the fabrication facilities are available the preformed silicone implants(More)
A method for laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) imaging of formaldehyde (CH2O) that discriminates against the interfering signal from polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) is presented. This technique uses an interference filter with 11 transmission bands that closely match the most prominent fluorescence features of CH2O upon excitation at 355 nm. The(More)
Our experiences with 28 patients who had a history of liquid "silicone" injections of the breasts has led us to recognize a typical clinical picture. Several years after the injections, the patient may develop hard, lumpy, tender breasts which make the detection of breast cancer impossible. Mammograms are generally inconclusive. Despite the reluctance of(More)
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