Hendrik Sprenger

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In order to reduce side effects of high-dose chemotherapy the penetration of the cytostatic substances into the main circulation should be prevented or limited. An efficient procedure for checking the leakage is generally based on the addition of a radionuclide to the perfusate. By scintillation probes the distribution of this radionuclide in the body of(More)
We compute the parton distributions for the chiral quark model. We present a new technique for performing such computations based on Green functions. This approach avoids a discretization of the spectrum. It therefore does not need any smoothing procedures. The results are similar to those of other groups, however the distributions peak at smaller x. PACS:(More)
Mit n u r fflr die Meta l l a tome yon Null ve r sch iedenen i so t ropen T e m p e r a t u r f a k t o r e n (Sn: 0, 3 • 0, 2; Ca : 0, 5 • 0, 3) be rechne te sich hier R =ZlIF01--IF~II/~IFoI = o,o75. Die A t o m a b s t g n d e ( • 0,04 A) be t r age n d a m i t : zwischen Zinl~ u n d den u m g e b e n den Saue r s to f f a tomen v ie rmM 2, t5 u n d(More)
There are various communica t ions in the literature indicating alterations in the capillaries in chronic venous insufficiency. Thus Leu and Schnyder [6] reported on depositions of mucopolysaccharides in the capillary walls in the vicinity o f venous ulcers and interpreted these alterations as the manifestat ion o f an extravasation o f mucopolysaccharides(More)
The cast iron experiment in D1 has been carried out successfully. The results obtained so far are interesting and show that it is possible to process metals with high melting temperatures in space. The skin technology applied in this experiment appears very reliable and opens new possibilities for metal processing in space. Further research on the D1(More)
Phase liegt unter t4 ~ Die relativ breiten {)bergangskurven di~rften yon ether teilweisen Umwandlung in die drit te Phase beim Abkfihlen der Probe herriihren. Das bisher bekannte Zustandsdiagrarnrn des Systems N b G a [2] gibt keinen Hinwets auf die Zuordnung bestirnmter Phasen zu den supraleitenden Eigenschaften. Prof. SAUR danke ich ftir seine(More)
I-lille ether Ulbr ich tschen Kugel durch Aufnahme der diffusen Reflexion und Transmiss ion an einer df lnnen mikrokris tal l inen Leuchts tof fsch ich t (ca. t ,2 m g / c m ~) und wurden ha lbquan t i t a t iv Iiir die Absorp t ionscharak te r i s t ik ausgewerte t . Bisher gelang es nicht, du t ch Akt iv ie rung oder Sensibilis ierung eine der l i a(More)
A specimen of the eutectic alloy 7/ / -c~(Ni/A1Mo) has been directionally solidified within a Z r O 2 supporting skin during the D 1 mission. Although the thermal parameters were not equivalent to those of the related ground experiments, the performance of the experiment was successful. Additional 1-g runs have to be performed for comparison. First results(More)
I m S y s t e m } t f C u S i wurde bei hohen C u-Geha l t en die zu TiCuSi u n d ZrCuSi [1] anaIoge V e r b i n d u n g HfCuSi ge funden . Die V e r b i n d u n g k o n n t e als l a t t en bzw. p l~ t t chen f6 rmige Einkr is ta l le isoliert werden, die eine m a x i m a I e A b m e s s u n g von I m m h a t t e n . Aus Einkr i s ta l l u n d P u l v e r(More)
Die Bes t immung der Bestwerte und Fehlergrenzen der Gitterpa ramete r erfolgte nach BERDESINSKI und NUBER [6~. Die Konstal l te (II) liegt um 0,70% h6her als die frflher yon uns gemessene des reinen Thiomagnet i ts (a 0 = 9,8t0 • 0,006 A) ~7~, s t immt jedoch mit der an dem Mineral , ,Greigit", einem natiirlich vo rkommenden Thiomagnet i t , beobachte ten(More)