Hendrik Schweppe

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—The effectiveness of Car2X communication strongly relies on trust in received data. Securing in-vehicle communication is an essential yet so far overlooked step to achieve this objective. We present an approach based on the use of symmetric key material protected with inexpensive hardware. We modeled the involved cryptographic and network protocols, showed(More)
The software running on electronic devices is regularly updated , these days. A vehicle consists of many such devices, but is operated in a completely different manner than consumer devices. Update operations are safety critical in the automotive domain. Thus, they demand for a very well secured process. We propose an on-board security architecture which(More)
  • Dipl.-Ing, Hendrik Schweppe, Sophia-Antipolis, Frankreich Dipl, Ing Timo Gendrullis, Escrypt Gmbh +9 others
  • 2011
In the scope of the EVITA project, we present an approach to secure the vehicular on-board communication architecture. Computing devices range from simple low-cost sensor control units on low-speed buses to costly multimedia units on high-speed buses, which allow for customized applications. Our architectural approach combines hardware-and software measures(More)
—Modern automobiles are increasingly connected to the world and integrate always more electronic components managing simultaneously infotainment and safety functions. Much more than just a simple transportation mean, the car is now customizable and like current smartphones, it will soon allow to load and install third-party applications directly from the(More)
— This paper introduces a method for selectively pre-processing and recording sensor data for engineering testing purposes in vehicles. In order to condense data, methodologies from the domain of sensor networks and stream processing are applied, which results in a reduction of the quantity of data, while maintaining information quality. A(More)
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