Hendrik Schawe

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The Traveling Salesperson problem asks for the shortest cyclic tour visiting a set of cities given their pairwise distances and belongs to the NP-hard complexity class, which means that with all known algorithms in the worst case instances are not solveable in polynomial time, i.e., the problem is hard. Though that does not mean, that there are not subsets(More)
We perform Monte Carlo simulations to determine the critical temperatures of Ising Ferromagnets (IFM) on different types of two-dimensional proximity graphs, in which the distribution of their underlying node sets has been changed systematically by means of a parameter σ. This allows us to interpolate between regular grids and proximity graphs based on(More)
The Boolean Satisfiability problem asks if a Boolean formula is satisfiable by some assignment of the variables or not. It belongs to the NP-complete complexity class and hence no algorithm with polynomial time worst-case complexity is known, i.e., the problem is hard. The K-SAT problem is the subset of the Boolean Satisfiability problem, for which the(More)
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