Hendrik Schön

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Female rats were given drinking water containing 1.5, 5 or 15 mg/l methylmercury chloride from two weeks prior to pairing until the end of the lactation period. The usual reproduction parameters were recorded. The morphological, functional and behavioral development of the offspring was assessed by subjecting them to a routine testing battery in accordance(More)
  • Martin Zirkl, Anja Haase, Alex Fian, Helmut Schön, Christian Sommer, Georg Jakopic +24 others
  • 2007
The performance of organic thin-film transistors (OTFT) for flexible, low cost and disposable " plastic " electronic products advances rapidly: various organic semiconductors display hole or electron carrier mobilities [1] that compare favorably with those of hydrogenated amorphous silicon, [2] the inorganic counterpart for such applications as flexible(More)
  • G Agakishiev, C Agodi, H Alvarez-Pol, E Atkin, E Badura, A Balanda +204 others
  • 2009
HADES is a versatile magnetic spectrometer aimed at studying dielectron production in pion, proton and heavy-ion induced collisions. Its main features include a ring imaging gas Cherenkov detector for electron-hadron discrimination , a tracking system consisting of a set of 6 superconducting coils producing a toroidal field and drift chambers and a(More)
  • H Bernheimer, Wien E Kaiser, Brunhilde Molzer, Hopital P R Aubourg, St, Vincent De Paul +56 others
  • 2009
During their classic studies on the Separation of lysosomes by centrifugation of rat liver homogenates, De Duve and bis group (1) observed that certain oxidative enzymes, such äs Z)-amino acid oxidase and uric acid oxidase wbich produce hydrogen peroxide, and catalase which attacks hydrogen peroxide, were always found in a discrete fraction which could be(More)
This study compared spontaneous with edrophonium-induced recovery of neuromuscular transmission (NMT) after mivacurium infusion. During nitrous oxide-narcotic-propofol anesthesia, the electromyogram (EMG) of the adductor pollicis (AP) was recorded and the movement of the first toe in response to stimulation of the posterior tibial nerve was noted.(More)
Previous experiments from our laboratory have shown a wide variety of time-dependent lateralized changes in behavior and nigrostriatal function following unilateral manipulation of the mystacial vibrissae of rats. The present experiment investigated the effects of unilateral radiofrequency lesion of the cortical vibrissae representation (the barrel fields)(More)
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