Hendrik Rueddel

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A method of determining baroreceptor reflex sensitivity is proposed that is based on spectral analysis of systolic pressure values and RR interval times, namely, the modulus (or gain) in the mid frequency band (0.07-0.14 Hz) between these two signals. Results using this method were highly correlated (0.94; n = 8) with results of the phenylephrine method. In(More)
The neurogenic component in the pathogenesis of essential hypertension has predominantly been analyzed with regard to the sympathetic part of the autonomous nervous system; the parasympathetic branch has largely been neglected. We investigated whether 54 normotensive (mean causal blood pressure [cBP]: 125 +/- 6/82 +/- 4 mm Hg), 41 borderline hypertensive(More)
OBJECTIVES Perceiving nonbeneficial treatment is stressful for ICU staff and may be associated with burnout. We aimed to investigate predictors and consequences of perceived nonbeneficial treatment and to compare nurses and junior and senior physicians. DESIGN Cross-sectional, multicenter paper-pencil survey on personal and work-related characteristics,(More)
1. Forty-three (30 male and 13 female) subjects were exposed to traffic noise of ca. 72dB. Their reactions concerning blood pressure, pulse pressure, finger pulse amplitude and radialis pulse amplitude, heart rate, breathing rate, and integrated EMG were analyzed. 2. Each of the circulatory parameters exhibited significant reactions in either direction in(More)
Guidelines recommend administering antibiotics within 1 h of sepsis recognition but this recommendation remains untested by randomized trials. This trial was set up to investigate whether survival is improved by reducing the time before initiation of antimicrobial therapy by means of a multifaceted intervention in compliance with guideline recommendations.(More)
The effects of the calcium antagonist isradipine and the beta-blocker metoprolol, which are based on different antihypertensive therapeutic principles, were evaluated in 52 men with mild-to-moderate hypertension in a 6-week, double-blind, randomized study. Mental stress-testing was performed before and after active treatment. With isradipine (n = 26), the(More)
Antihypertensive therapy has been thought to be a life-long treatment. Nevertheless, antihypertensive medication may be discontinued in a substantial proportion of hypertensive patients at least for some time. The current study focused on predictors for the development of elevated blood pressure levels after discontinuation of antihypertensive drug therapy.(More)
INTRODUCTION Current sepsis guidelines recommend antimicrobial treatment (AT) within one hour after onset of sepsis-related organ dysfunction (OD) and surgical source control within 12 hours. The objective of this study was to explore the association between initial infection management according to sepsis treatment recommendations and patient outcome. (More)
PURPOSE Current guidelines and most trials do not consider elevated lactate (Lac) serum concentrations when grading sepsis severity. We therefore assessed the association of different types of circulatory dysfunction regarding presence of hyperlactatemia and need for vasopressor support with clinical presentation and outcome of sepsis. METHODS In a(More)