Hendrik P. van Dalen

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Which signals are important in gaining attention in science? For a group of 1,371 scientific articles published in 17 demography journals in the years 1990–1992 we track their influence over a 10-year horizon and discern which signals are important in receiving citations. Three types of signals are examined: the author's reputation (as producer of the(More)
In this paper we examine, by means of a citation analysis, which factors influence the impact of articles published in demography journals between 1990 and 1992. Several quantifiable characteristics of the articles (characteristics with respect to authors, visibility, content and journals) are strongly related to their subsequent impact in the social(More)
In this paper advisors are selected by two ministers with con¯icting interests in order to (1) acquire information, and (2) obtain political legitimacy concerning a project. In the end, parliament decides whether or not the project , of which the consequences are uncertain, is implemented. In principle a minister wants to appoint an advisor whose(More)
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