Hendrik P. J. Bonarius

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The large-scale transcriptional program of two Clostridium acetobutylicum strains (SKO1 and M5) relative to that of the parent strain (wild type [WT]) was examined by using DNA microarrays. Glass DNA arrays containing a selected set of 1,019 genes (including all 178 pSOL1 genes) covering more than 25% of the whole genome were designed, constructed, and(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is associated with a higher prevalence of antinuclear autoantibodies (ANAs). However, a significant subgroup of patients is ANA negative. It remains to be determined which patient groups carry autoantibodies. METHODS The association of smoking behaviour, disease status, gender, age and body mass(More)
The adaptive immune system recognizes billions of unique antigens using highly variable T-cell receptors. The alphabeta T-cell receptor repertoire includes an estimated 10(6) different rearranged beta chains per individual. This paper describes a novel micro-array based method that monitors the beta chain repertoire with a resolution of a single T-cell(More)
Based on a detailed metabolic network of CHO-320 cells built using available information gathered from published reports, the flux distribution can be evaluated using tools of positive linear algebra (in particular, the algorithm METATOOL devised in T. Pfeiffer and Schuster (1999); S. Schuster (1999)), and to study the influence of the interconnection level(More)
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