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In April 1990, 488 marine fish belonging to 30 species from central Philippine waters were examined for flesh parasitic infections that may affect their consumability. One species of hemirhamphids and 3 species of belonids harboured plerocercoids of Otobothrium penetrans Linton, 1907 (Proceedings of the U.S. National Museum 33, 85-126). This is the first(More)
A new nonlinear reconstruction method for tomosynthesis is described. This method is suited for "dilute" objects, i.e., objects in which most of the voxels have negligibly small absorption. Images of blood vessels filled with contrast material approximate this condition if the background is subtracted. The technique has been tested experimentally using a(More)
As part of a survey on population dynamics and ecology of fishesin the Elbe River, seasonal and regional fluctuations of external fish diseases were studied from the open North Sea to Hamburg in 1981–1982. Clinical signs of 11 different diseases, several of them not being recorded before, were noted in 22 fish species. Averaged over all samples, the total(More)
a high flux level of TeV γ-rays was observed from Mkn 501, using the HEGRA stereoscopic system of four imaging Cherenkov telescopes. The flux level varied during this period from about one up to eight times the flux observed from the Crab Nebula. Changes of the detection rate by a factor of up to 4 within 1 day have been observed. The measured differential(More)