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Chemical investigations of the cytotoxic extract of the marine-derived fungus Curvularia sp. (strain no. 768), isolated from the red alga Acanthophora spicifera, yielded the novel macrolide apralactone A (1), as well as the antipodes of curvularin macrolides 2-7. Compound 8, a dimeric curvularin was recognised as an artefact. The structures of 1-8 were(More)
Investigation of the secondary metabolites of the marine-derived fungus Curvularia sp. yielded four new 10-membered lactones (1-4), along with the known modiolide A (5). The structures of 1-4 were characterized on the basis of spectroscopic and MS data and resemble known 10-membered lactones, but feature modified oxidation patterns around their macrocycles.
Three new iantherans, iso-iantheran A (1), 8-carboxy-iso-iantheran A (2), and iso-iantheran B (4) were isolated together with two further new brominated tyrosine-derived metabolites 5 and 6 from the polar extract of the Australian marine sponge Ianthella quadrangulata. Structures were elucidated on the basis of extensive spectral analysis. The dimeric(More)
Natural products play an important role in the development of anticancer drugs. To date, predominantly metabolites from plants and bacteria served as lead structures for anticancer agents. Fungal metabolites and derivatives thereof are much less investigated for their potential in cancer therapy. There are, however, some promising candidates derived from(More)
A new cytotoxic bastadin, bastadin 24 ( 1), and the previously reported bastadins 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13, and 21 ( 2- 8) were isolated from a polar extract of the Australian marine sponge Ianthella quadrangulata. The planar structure of bastadin 24 ( 1) was elucidated as the 25-hydroxy derivative of bastadin 6 ( 4) by employing spectroscopic techniques (NMR,(More)
BACKGROUND Tramadol and tilidine (in combination with naloxone) are used as weak opioid analgesics in Germany. Tramadol is not scheduled in the German Narcotic Drugs Act. Tilidine is scheduled, whereas Tilidine in fixed combinations with naloxone is exempt from some of the provisions of the Narcotic Drugs Act. Recent reports on misuse of both substances led(More)