Hendrik Grallert

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Many data sources on the Web evolve in the sense that they change their content over time, typically as a reaction to some event. Such changes often need to be mirrored in data on other Web nodes: updates need to be propagated. To respond to the need for evolution and reactivity both locally and globally, the language XChange has been developed. In this(More)
Many Web applications involve reactive behavior such as updating data in response to events. Their development can be considerably eased by using XChange, a high-level and rule-based reactive Web language. Emphasizing the Web's distributed nature, our demonstration applies XChange to shared information and reactive services provided on the distributed Web(More)
This report presents the refinements made in the prototypes described in the previous deliv-erable (deliverable I5-D5 – " A first prototype on evolution and behaviour at the XML level "), and their usage in use-case scenarios. In particular, the use-case scenarios have been chosen according to the sketch of use-cases designed in the deliverable I5-D2&3 – "(More)
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