Hendrik Graefe

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Bicarbonate dialysis is mandatory for high efficiency treatment. In most cases bicarbonate is delivered either as prepacked powder or as a stable liquid concentrate in 6-10 I plastic containers. With a newly designed central supply system (CSS) using 800 I tanks of custom-made sterile and pyrogen free concentrates, we investigated the risk of bacterial(More)
An Hand von farbigen Reproducktionen von Iris-Diapositiv-Photographien werden die Übereinstimmungen und Unterschiede der Irismerkmale bei eineiigen Zwillingen sowie die stärkeren Differenzen bei zweieiigen Zwillingen demonstriert. Es wird gezeigt, daß der polysymptomatische Irisvergleich sich sehr gut zu der Eiigkeitsdiagnose von Zwillingen eignet. Die(More)
Mannitol is an osmotically active polyalcohol often present in fluids used for irrigation of exposed tissue during minimal invasive surgery. Since this polyol normally is not detected in human plasma to any significant extent, it may be used as a laboratory marker of absorption of mannitol-containing irrigative fluids during surgery. For this aim, we(More)
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