Hendrik Bohn

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The SIRENA project started in 2003 to leverage Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) to seamlessly interconnect (embedded) devices inside and between four distinct domains the industrial, telecommunication, automotive and home automation domain. A framework was developed to achieve this aim as well as to assure interoperability with existing devices and(More)
A movement from distributed systems controlled by users to automatic, autonomous and self-configuring distributed systems is noticeable. Web services is one approach but lacking the secure integration of resource-constraint devices. This paper describes the devices profile for Web services (DPWS), underlying protocols and a DPWS toolkit implementation based(More)
The usage of the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) paradigm currently changes the view on many enterprise applications. SOA allows the creation of modular and clearly defined software architectures that ensure a high grade of interoperability and reusability. As even small, resource-constraint networked devices get more and more powerful it is common(More)
The automatic integration of devices into dynamic, automatically configured networks alone does not take advantage of the entire potential of service oriented architectures (SOA). Using service management, independent services can be directed to perform meta tasks in a SOA network. In this paper we describe and evaluate the service management tool MOBASEC,(More)
The continual improvements in embedded devices and internet technologies increases the leverage of distributed systems in domains like home automation, industry automation, automotive and other application domains. the devices profile for web Services (DPWS) is a relative new specification based on Web services that can be used as a cross domain distributed(More)
Process management and workflow systems play an important role in the composition of services in business as well as automation environments. Processes are designed using tools and deployed on a process management engine which control their execution. Unfortunately, the extensive requirements of process management engines on the underlying hard- and(More)
The unique advantages of Bluetooth such as low power consumption capability, cheap hardware interfaces and easy set-up offer new application areas. This is a reason why Bluetooth is even considered for a Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs) consisting of a large number of resource-constraint devices. Although several proposals are available for reducing(More)
This paper describes the UniRo Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Audio Video (AV) stack that was implemented in Java programming language. The UniRo UPnP AV Stack is a software component that can be used to develop AV applications (MediaServer, MediaRenderer, and AV Control Points). The AV interfaces form the core of this component. They provide a typing layer(More)