Hendrik Berndt

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he Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture (TINA) is one of the driving forces in bringing together two industries whose merging has long been anticipated: TINA is at center stage when the telecommunications and information technology industries meet. This process, based on a vision that still needs much work to make it happen, has seen(More)
A major challenge for next generation mobile communication is capturing the system architecture's complexity with all its internal and external dependencies. Seamless integration of heterogeneous environments in all system parts is a key requirement. Moreover, future systems have to consider the different evolution cycles of individual system parts. Among(More)
Most of all software systems have to be changed after their initial deployment. This is not only because of changing knowledge and expectations about our domains and systems, but also because of the continuous change of the environment itself. While changes in the environment happen implicitly, we need to explicitly keep our technology in sync with the(More)
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