Hendrik Antoon Lorentz

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Hitherto, we have focussed on applications of quantum mechanics to free particles or particles confined by scalar potentials. In the following, we will address the influence of a magnetic field on a charged particle. Classically, the force on a charged particle in an electric and magnetic field is specified by the Lorentz force law: Hendrik Antoon Lorentz(More)
In 1895 Hendrik Antoon Lorentz derived the Fresnel dragging coefficient in his theory of immobile ether and electrons. This derivation did not explicitly involve electromagnetic theory at all. According to the 1922 Kyoto lecture notes, before 1905 Einstein tried to discuss Fizeau's experiment "as originally discussed by Lorentz" (in 1895). At this time he(More)
Modern astronomy has revealed the existence of a cosmologically-based fundamental reference frame associated with the distribution of matter in our universe. The existence of such a frame offers a firm basis to H. A. Lorentz's approach to the understanding of the relativistic effects associated with the transformation named after him. Lorentz's approach and(More)
"vVohl seiten hat in einem Zeitraum yon kaum einem Dezennium, durch die Entdeckung neuer Erscheinungen und das Emporkommen neuer Denkweisen, eine ~Vissenscllaft eine so tiefgehende Umwandlung erfahren wie vor 25 Jahren die Physik. Das scheidende Jahrhundert hatte in rascher Aufeinanderfolge die Entdeckung der R6ntgenstrahlen, der l~adioaktivit/it und des(More)
Drilling mud, Filtration properties, Filtrate volume, Magnetic water, Magnetic water technology. One of the most common problems in drilling industry is the uncontrolled filtration of drilling mud into the formation that forms a thick filter cake on the wellbore wall. Drill pipe sticking, formation damage and production reduction are major consequences of(More)
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