Hendra Gunawan

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The motivation of this paper is to present a new and interesting notion of intuitionistic fuzzy n-normed linear space. Cauchy sequence and convergent sequence in intuitionistic fuzzy n-normed linear space are introduced and we provide some results on it. Furthermore we introduce generalized cartesian product of the intuitionistic fuzzy n-normed linear space(More)
We revisit the space ℓ p of p-summable sequences of real numbers. In particular, we show that this space is actually contained in a (weighted) inner product space. The relationship between ℓ p and the (weighted) inner product space that contains ℓ p is studied. For p > 2, we also obtain a result which describe how the weighted inner product space is(More)
Reverse engineering (RE) technique is now becoming an emerging technology for modeling a physical part into a digital model. This is eventually required when one has to redesign an old product or to remanufacture a non-filed engineering product. This technique involves manufacturing a new interesting product or redesigning an existing product in order to(More)
This paper presents an application of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology and used of e-seal in a container terminal gate in to do a clearance process. RFID and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) technologies are incorporated for the purpose of identifying prime mover driver, truck (vehicle), and number of containers used e-seal. An(More)