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We solve quantum dynamical equations of simple systems by propagating ensembles of interacting trajectories. A scheme is proposed which uses adaptive kernel density estimation for representing probability distribution functions and their derivatives. The formulation is carried on in the Husimi representation to ensure the positiveness of the distribution(More)
We investigate the nonlinear oscillations of heat-conductive, viscous, liquid drops in vacuum with zero gravity, using smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH). The liquid drops are modeled as a van der Waals fluid in two dimensions so that the models apply to flat, disklike drops. Attention is focused on small- to large-amplitude oscillations of drops that(More)
We present a methodology that integrates an artificial intelligent technology called Artificial Neural Networks (ANN´s) to develop and build a forecasting system that determines the behavior of the pressure of an oil reservoir, from its behavior, considered as reference in relation to four neighboring wells, which are producing at the same stratum.(More)
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