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Systems' developing using COTS components is very attractive since it promises costs and risks reduction as well as higher software quality. The process of such reuse development approach consists in examining the marketplace to identify potential COTS components, evaluate them to select the most appropriate one, adapt it to the needs and integrate it in(More)
The product line engineering approaches (PLE) to software development are promising in matter of quality, productivity and time-to-market. Some results achieved in industry can prove that. But managers need quantitative models reassuring them concerning the important initial investment they are going to commit. This paper reports on the need for such(More)
L'exploitation des images collectées à partir de capteurs différents est un enjeu important pour le domaine de la télédétection. L'intégration des nouvelles connaissances pour supporter l'utilisateur dans la tâche d'interprétation des images satellitaires est devenue inévitable. Dans cette optique, nous proposons une nouvelle approche d'analyse des images(More)
Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) has gained considerable popularity for implementing Service-Based Applications (SBAs) in a flexible and effective manner. The basic idea of SOC is to understand users' requirements for SBAs first, and then discover and select relevant services (i.e., that fit closely functional requirements) and offer a high Quality of(More)
The recent development of communication networks and multimedia system provides users with the availability of a huge amount of information making worse the problem of information overload [9]. The evolution of system design is necessary becoming more user centred, and more personally involving. A review of survey studies on Internet users since 1993(More)
In this paper, we present a semantic search approach based on Case-based reasoning and modular Ontology learning. A case is defined by a set of similar queries associated with its relevant results. The case base is used for ontology learning and for contextualizing the search process. Modular ontologies are designed to be used for case representation and(More)