Henda Hajjami Ben Ghézala

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The interpretation of remotely sensed images in a spatiotemporal context is becoming a valuable research topic. However, the constant growth of data volume in remote sensing imaging makes reaching conclusions based on collected data a challenging task. Recently, datamining appears to be a promising research field leading to several interesting discoveries(More)
The product line engineering approaches (PLE) to software development are promising in matter of quality, productivity and time-to-market. Some results achieved in industry can prove that. But managers need quantitative models reassuring them concerning the important initial investment they are going to commit. This paper reports on the need for such(More)
One of the promises of the service-oriented architecture(SOA) is to build complex added-value services in order to enhance and extend existing ones. service-based applications(SBAs) are asked not only to perform required functionalities,but also to deliver expected level of Quality of Service (QoS). Dealing with QoS management of such distributed(More)
Building secure software is about taking security into account during all phases of software development. This practice is missing in, widely used, traditional developments due to domain immaturity, newness of the field and process complexity. Software development includes two views, a product view and a process view. Product view defines what the product(More)
Systems' developing using COTS components is very attractive since it promises costs and risks reduction as well as higher software quality. The process of such reuse development approach consists in examining the marketplace to identify potential COTS components, evaluate them to select the most appropriate one, adapt it to the needs and integrate it in(More)