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In e-learning environments, collect data on users from their activities traces is crucial. It permits to improve the adaptation process and the development of pedagogical tools. Modeling users in e-learning environment is largely looked in research. Nevertheless, sharing and reusing user data jointly in different environments is yet overlooked. In this(More)
The aim of this work is to design an intelligent e-Learning Environment. We propose a system that initializes the student model with the affective and the cognitive information, which constitutes his background. When integrated in an e-learning platform, PERSO, offers to the student an individualized training program. The system is based on two approaches:(More)
  • Henda Chorfi
  • 2013
The need for a tool that takes a text and shortens it into a brief and succinct summary has never been greater than nowadays. With the huge amount of information on the internet and the necessity to get the essential of this information in a short time, the need for summarizers becomes everyday pressing, especially, for people with special needs like blind(More)
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