Hend Suliman Al-Khalifa

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In this paper a barcode-based system to help the visually impaired and blind people identify objects in the environment is introduced. The system is based on the idea of utilizing QR codes (two-dimensional barcode) affixed to an object and scanned using a camera phone equipped with QR reader software. The reader decodes the barcode to a URL and directs the(More)
Finding good keywords to describe resources is an on-going problem. Typically, we select such words manually from a thesaurus of terms, or they are created using automatic keyword extraction techniques. Folksonomies are an increasingly well-populated source of unstructured tags describing Web resources. This article explores the value of the folksonomy tags(More)
This study is intended to provide an exploratory evaluation of Saudi Arabia government Web sites based on the Web Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 provided by the W3C. The results indicate that the Saudi government Web sites have made many of the accessibility mistakes as predicted. In the light of the study findings, this paper will present some(More)
Sentiment analysis is the process of identifying the polarity of sentiments held in opinions found in pieces of text and classifying them as positive, negative or neutral. In this paper, we propose the implementation of a sentiment analysis tool that is conducted over text found in Arabic new media including web forums, comments on newspaper articles and(More)
In recent years, indoor positioning has emerged as a critical function in many end-user applications; including military, civilian, disaster relief and peacekeeping missions. In comparison with outdoor environments, sensing location information in indoor environments requires a higher precision and is a more challenging task in part because various objects(More)
With the increasing use of mobile phones to access the web, many public and private entities have followed the trend of designing a mobile version of their websites without basing their design decisions on vivid design approaches. This issue can be attributed to the lack of design practices and recommendation tailored to specific genres of websites. In this(More)
This paper reports on an on-going research project to create educational semantic metadata out of folksonomies. The paper describes a simple scenario for the usage of the generated semantic metadata in teaching, and describes the ‘FolksAnnotation’ tool which applies an organization scheme to tags in a specific domain of interest. The contribution of this(More)