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Whole-body exposure of mice to 2 Gy gamma radiation results in an increase in the specific and total activities of esterase and alkaline phosphatase found in the supernatant of liver and kidney. This increase developed at 1 h, reached a maximum at 24 h, and then declined at 48 h after irradiation. The increase in the activity of these enzymes was not(More)
Our paper will be devoted to tests of hypotheses based on the Gini index or Gini mean difference. Being a counterpart of a coefficient of variation (σ/μ), Gini index can be used as a statistic in nonparametric tests such as goodness of fit test (Jammalamadaka and Goria, 2004), two sample test (Niewiadomska-Bugaj, 2003), and proposed test for independence.(More)
A variety of re-sampling methods have been developed to test the significance of regression coefficients in multiple regression (Levin & Robins, 1983; Freedman & Lane, 1983; Oja, 1987; Kennedy & Cade, 1996; ter Braak, 1992 and Manly, 1997). Some studies have compared the performance of some permutation methods when collinearity is present, when different(More)