Henar Muñoz

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Executive Summary This deliverable describes the design, implementation and evaluation of an RDF-enabled tuplespace. We introduce the most representative approaches to semantics-aware coordination systems and analyze their suitability in the context of our project. Building upon the results of this analysis we introduce a novel model for representing RDF(More)
Over the course of the project, the project's software releases have been evaluated against identified requirements and against the needs of real users. Most of the formal requirements have been satisfied, with work in the second year concentrating on extentions to commercial applications, multi-platform support and sandboxing. Feedback from applications(More)
Security and trust requirement analysis and state-of-the-art Executive Summary This deliverable aims at discussing what " security " means in TripCom, assessing requirements and state-of-the-art. After a discussion about the presence and role of " authorities " ruling the triple space, and about the impact of this on security requirements , the document(More)
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