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Supported molybdenum carbide (yMo 2 C/M41) and Cu-promoted molybdenum carbide, using a mechanical mixing and co-impregnation method (xCuyMo 2 C/M41-M and xCuyMo 2 C/M41-I) on a mesoporous molecular sieve MCM-41, were prepared by temperature-programmed carburization method in a CO/H 2 atmosphere at 1073 K, and their catalytic performances were tested for CO(More)
Spennings-og utmatnings-analyse av fleksible stigerør The flexible riser represents a vital part of many oil and gas production systems. During operation of such risers, several failure incidents may take place e.g. caused by fatigue and corrosion. In limit cases where inspections indicate damage, the decision making with regard to continue operation or(More)
A benthic microbial electrochemical systems (BMES) of 195 L (120 cm long, 25 cm wide and 65 cm height) was constructed for sediment organic removal. Sediment from a natural river (Ashi River) was used as test sediments in the present research. Three-dimensional anode (Tri-DSA) with honeycomb structure composed of carbon cloth and supporting skeleton was(More)
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