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A millimeter-wave (MMW) frequency synthesizer needs a low-power frequency divider (FD) with a wide input locking range to ensure reliability and lower power operation. In this paper, the design and analysis of low-power wide locking range MMW FDs are presented. Proposed are two divide-by-2 (D2) and divide-by-4 (D4) FDs that achieve the widest locking range(More)
Linear amplifier with nonlinear components (LINC) is a power linearization method which offers both high linearity and high power amplifier (PA) efficiency in wireless transmitters. While LINC increases the power efficiency of PAs, this linearization technique requires an extra power combiner which results in low power efficiency of whole system. To improve(More)
This paper proposes a novel intelligent intra-field interpolation for motion compensated deinterlacing. This method combines the advantage of cubic curve fitting interpolation and fuzzy edge interpolation to overcome resolution degradation caused by incorrect motion vector. The intelligent intra-field interpolation scheme alleviates resolution degradation(More)
— This paper proposes a hardware-efficient architecture design of wavelet-based adaptive visible watermarking. Our method adopts discrete wavelet transform (DWT) to embed visible watermarking. We perform this algorithm using hardware-efficient architectures that combine operational reduction and resource sharing techniques. Our method provides high quality(More)
Neuronal oscillations have been shown to contribute to the function of the cerebral cortex by coordinating the neuronal activities of distant cortical regions via a temporal synchronization of neuronal discharge patterns. This can occur regardless whether these regions are linked by cortico-cortical pathways or not. Less is known concerning the role of(More)
This paper proposes a new ring-based triple-push voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) architecture to achieve a wide tuning range and high operating frequencies. Two ring-based triple-push VCOs, one with a continuous frequency tuning range of 0.2-34 GHz, fabricated in 0.13- mum CMOS, and the other with a range of 0.1-65.8 GHz, fabricated in 90-nm CMOS, are(More)
In the last decades, Internet becomes more and more popular. Considering the ownership right of digital image, content provides want to devise and effective way to protect their intelligent property right. Digital watermarking, which protects legal copy and distribution of digital products, has been the hotspot of international academia. In this paper, we(More)
Polar modulation techniques offer the capability of multimode wireless system and the potential for the high efficiency power amplifier (PA). Any input baseband complex signal is decomposed into magnitude and phase signal, and goes through envelope modulator and phase modulator respectively. The modulated envelope and phase message signals are combined and(More)