Hen-Wai Tsao

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This paper proposes a novel intelligent intra-field interpolation for motion compensated deinterlacing. This method combines the advantage of cubic cuwe fitting interpolation and fuzzy edge interpolation to overcome resolution degradation caused by incorrect motion vector. The intelligent intra-field interpolation scheme alleviates resolution degradation in(More)
Neuronal oscillations have been shown to contribute to the function of the cerebral cortex by coordinating the neuronal activities of distant cortical regions via a temporal synchronization of neuronal discharge patterns. This can occur regardless whether these regions are linked by cortico-cortical pathways or not. Less is known concerning the role of(More)
Polar modulation techniques offer the capability of multimode wireless system and the potential for the high efficiency Power Amplifier (PA). Any input baseband complex signal is decomposed into magnitude and phase signal, and goes through envelope modulator and phase modulator respectively. The modulated envelope and phase message signals are combined and(More)
The influence of acute D2 agonist quinpirole on locomotor activity has been effectively characterized. However, few studies have addressed the dynamic changes in neuronal activity of the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) and striatum (STR), two crucial regions for cognitive and motor functions, after quinpirole administration. This study was conducted in(More)
—Linear amplification with nonlinear components (LINC) technique is a linearization technique for power amplifier designs. By using LINC, the nonlinear power amplifier with high power efficiency can be used to amplify the input signal in a transmitter system with high linearity performance. In this paper, we propose a DSP engine design for LINC wireless(More)