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The combined effect of clofibrate and a fat-modified diet was determined in 17 hyperlipidemic patients: 7 type IIA, 7 type IV, 2 type VI(IIB), and 1 type III. Control serum lipid levels and lipoprotein patterns and their alteration with a fat-modified diet had been determined previously 1/2 to 2 years for 3 patients, and 6 to 10 years for 14 patients. Two(More)
The Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial (MRFIT) was a randomized clinical trial in the primary prevention of coronary heart disease. Middle-aged men determined to be at high risk for coronary heart disease were randomized into either a special intervention (SI) group or a group referred to usual sources of medical care (UC). Twenty-four hour dietary(More)
Hubbard X Hubbard broiler breeder males were raised to 30 weeks of age following the Management Guide for the Hubbard White Mountain Male (Hubbard Farms, 1979). From 30 to 54 weeks of age, males were provided with five different levels of feed intake. The level recommended by the guide (154 g/bird/day) was designated to be the control level (100%). Other(More)
Sexually mature commercial broiler breeder pullets were housed singly in laying cages or in floor pens and mated by means of artificial insemination alone, natural mating and natural mating supplemented by artificial insemination. The best fertility, was obtained by the combination method where natural mating was supplemented with artificial inseminations(More)
Two experiments were conducted, one in the summer and another in the fall, involving 95 Hubbard broiler breeder males per experiment. Breeder males were randomly placed in individual cages at 26 (Trial 2) or 30 (Trial 1) weeks of age and provided with five levels of feed intake. The Hubbard White Mountain male Management Guide recommendation (154(More)