Hemlata Dakhore

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In this paper we intend to use vehicular ad hoc network to together and assemble real -time speed and position information on single vehicles to optimize signal control at traffic byroad. first specify systematically the vehicular traffic signal control difficulty as a job scheduling difficulty on processors with job equivalent to platoons of vehicles. Then(More)
The search and rescue robot’s main goal is to search for any survivor’s in a disaster situation. The course will resembles a miniature of what a disaster situation looks like after an earthquake. We proposed rescue robot to make it getting smarter, safe path from itself to the targets by path planning. We are making a semi-autonomous control rescue robot(More)
In this paper, we present a rescue robot having a novel mapping management system with robustly generated image segmentation and visualization using wireless camera and sensors. This paper propose of the vision subsystem was to image the surrounding environment and to communicate the scene to the remote pilot; the vision subsystem consisted of all onboard(More)
Mobile services are spread throughout the wireless network and are one of the crucial components needed for various applications and services. However, the security of mobile communication has topped the list of concerns for mobile phone users. Confidentiality, Authentication, Integrity and Non-repudiation are required security services for mobile(More)
In Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) to enhance the network lifetime it’s a fundamental challenge. To enhance the network lifetime, the area around the sink node forms a bottleneck zone due to the heavy traffic flow which limits the network lifetime in WSN. To improve the energy efficiency of the bottleneck zone which leads to overall improvement of network(More)
Data compression is an art used to reduce the number of bits required to transmit the data of particular information. The goal of data compression is to eliminate the redundancy in a data in order to reduce its size. Data compression can either be lossless or lossy. Lossless data compression recreates the exact original data from the compressed data while(More)
Data mining is used to extract important knowledge from large datasets, but sometimes these datasets are split among various parties. Association rule mining is one of the data mining technique used in distributed databases. This technique disclose some interesting relationship between locally large and globally large item sets and proposes an algorithm,(More)
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