Heming Huang

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We propose in this paper a self-referenced method based on asynchronous sampling to monitor the waveform of periodic and quasi-periodic signals, with a low number of samples, typically 2<sup>14</sup> or lower. It provides a high-resolution representation of the signal under test, representative of the analog intensity signal under test. Additionally, the(More)
Cadmium (Cd) is one of the most toxic heavy metals in aquatic ecosystem which affects fish health and aquaculture. In the present study, we examined the bioaccumulation of Cd in the gonads of tilapia via dissolved and dietary routes. We evaluated the subchronic effects of Cd on the histology of gonads, steroid hormone levels and sex-related gene expressions(More)
A newly developed flexible calibration algorithm for telecentric 3D measurement systems is presented in this paper. We theoretically analyzed the similarities and differences between the telecentric and entocentric system. The telecentric system can be calibrated with the aid of the traditional 2D planar calibration method. An additional two-step refining(More)
A new iron-based catalyst for carbon monoxide oxidation, as a potential substitute for precious-metal systems, has been prepared by using a facile impregnation method with iron tris-acetylacetonate as a precursor on γ-Al2 O3 . Light-off and full conversion temperatures as low as 235 and 278 °C can be reached. However, the catalytic activity strongly depends(More)
A new non-photorealistic rendering algorithm is proposed for creating artistic painting with soft stream flow from natural color images. The algorithm consists mainly of two stages, that is, a revised bilateral filter called trilateral filter is firstly applied to original color image for creating drawings using gradient information and then a DoG-like(More)
In this paper, the two invariants in the perspective projection model of camera imaging process are analyzed and a five-point constraint is put forward. And then methods of determining the true projective position of the circular target using a concentric circular target, and an optimal method of suppressing stochastic errors in the location of circle(More)
Combining theoretical and experimental studies show that optical injection strongly changes the behavior of the linewidth enhancement factor (α(H)-factor) and the FM-to-AM indices ratio (FAIR) in quantum dash/dot semiconductor lasers. In contrast to solitary lasers, both the α(H)-factor and the FAIR at low-frequency modulation are reduced by optical(More)
Although image contrast enhancement is a low level image processing issue, it is very important for improving image quality. This paper propose a new algorithm using optimal linear transform to enhance color image while preserving hue attributes and scaling saturation for each color pixel. The algorithm has two features: 1) optimal piecewise affine(More)
Based on the general syllable structure, a syllable&#x02019;s component letters should be expanded orderly into the series of basic consonant, prefix consonant, head consonant&#x02026; and the second suffix consonant. If there is no letter in a syllable&#x02019;s particular position, a special character, whose collation element is less than that of any(More)
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