Hemantha S. B. Herath

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In recent years there has been a growing stream of research focusing on cyber-insurance. Risk transference with insurance has been suggested by both practitioners and academics to absorb losses caused by security breaches as well as to supplement the existing set of security tools to manage IT security residual risk after IT security investments are made.(More)
This paper addresses the specific problem of human event detection from a video sequence in both indoor and outdoor environments. Foreground image pixels are identified through the principle of background subtraction by defining a reference background model using a mixture of time varying Gaussian distributions. Color filtering in the RGB space is then used(More)
A real-time event tracking method is proposed that is immune to background variances. The proposed method models each pixel as a collection of Gaussian distributions to handle background variations and uses manipulations in the RGB space to mitigate the effects of foreground shadows. A two stepped connected component analysis method is also introduced in(More)
Hierarchical modeling is often used a tool which, as an interdisciplinary effort, combines the estimation technique and data mining techniques to model reliability systems. The reliability of the model is measured in terms of how much sufficiently accurate model is over the entire input range and the level of confidence in predictions. WinBUGS is Windows(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Keywords: Information technology management Information technology audit Information systems audit Information security audit Audit decision Agency model Compliance with ever-increasing privacy laws, accounting and banking regulations, and standards is a top priority for most organizations. Information security and systems audits for(More)
This paper addresses the generic object counting problem with object overlapping occurring at varied levels and degrees. The overall image containing the objects is segmented from the background. Thereafter a combination of parameters is extracted from each of the segments to construct a parameter space. The overall space formed by these vectors contains(More)
Our paper investigates the problem of justifying security investments concerning spam and email virus using real life data from a midsize North American university. We formulate the spam and email virus security problem as a capital budgeting problem using operating characteristic (ROC) curves in a decision theoretic framework. Prior research has(More)
The primary objective of automated motion semantic classification would be to recognizing events in close similarity with human like perception. This work proposes novel modifications to the standard spectral clustering algorithm in enhancing its capacity to capture human like semantics for visual event classification. The proposed novel multi-feature(More)
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