Hemanta Kumar Kalita

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Self organization is an important phase of a wireless sensor network. After deployment, sensors nodes are required to self organize themselves to form a network of their own. Security is an important aspect while forming the network. Only the authorized nodes should be allowed to join the network. For implementing security such as confidentiality, integrity(More)
Network availability is a very important need of any production environment. Unfortunately due to many reasons a link in a wide area network does not have consistent availability for a long period of time. Hence an application needs to be designed considering this unreliability factor of a wide area network. However, such network instabilities are not seen(More)
Non-intrusive remote monitoring of data centre services should be such that it does not require (or minimal) modification of legacy code and standard practices. Also, allowing third party agent to sit on every server in a data centre is a risk from security perspective. Hence, use of standard such as SNMPv3 is advocated in this kind of environment. There(More)
Self organization is one of the most important characteristics in an Ad-hoc Sensor Network. Thousands of Sensors are deployed in a geographical area randomly without considering the location factor. After deployment , sensors are to self organize themselves to form a network of their own. How well the network is formed determines the life of the whole(More)