Hemant V. Chavan

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Abstract A series of novel pyrazole-based chalcones have been designed, synthesized from 1-methyl-5-(2,4,6-trimethoxyphenyl)-1H-pyrazole (6). The structures of regioisomers 6 and 7 were determined by(More)
A novel series of carbazole substituted aminopyrimidines (5a-p) were synthesized and screened for their in vitro urease inhibition and antimicrobial activity. Among the compounds,(More)
Three category of N 1-phenyl pyrazoline (5a–e), N 1-phenyl-sulfonyl pyrazoline (6a–e), and pyridine analogs (8a–d) of combretastatin-A4 were synthesized. The structures of compounds were verified by(More)