Hemant Singh Mittal

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Biodegradable flocculants of Gum ghatti (Gg) with acrylamide (AAm) were prepared through graft co-polymerization technique using potassium persulphate (KPS)-ascorbic acid (ABC) redox pair as initiator and N,N'-methylene-bis-acrylamide (MBA) as a crosslinker. Gg-cl-poly(AAm) was found to exhibit pH and temperature responsive swelling behavior. Maximum(More)
This article reports the development of a new nanocomposite using gum ghatti crosslinked with poly(acrylic acid-co-acrylamide) reinforced with iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles. The nanocomposite was characterized through BET, FT-IR, XRD, SEM-EDX, TGA and TEM and applied for the removal of RhB. Different optimized adsorption parameters were adsorbent dose(More)
In this research paper a comparative study has been carried out for the removal of methyl violet dye using unfunctionalized and functionalized cellulose. The functionalization was achieved through esterification of cellulose with furan-2,5-dione. The functionalization of the cellulose was evidenced using BET, FT-IR, SEM and TGA. The adsorption isotherm data(More)
Biodegradable hydrogels of gum ghatti (Gg) with a co-polymer mixture of acrylamide (AAm) and methacrylic acid (MAA) (termed as Gg-cl-P(AAm-co-MAA)) were synthesised by microwave-assisted free radical graft co-polymerisation technique. The hydrogel polymer was characterized by FTIR, SEM, and Brunauer-Emmett-Teller techniques. The Gg-cl-P(AAm-co-MAA) hydrogel(More)
The aim of this work was to study the adsorption behavior of the nanosilica-containing hydrogel nanocomposite of gum karaya grafted with poly(acrylic acid-acrylamide) (GK-clP(AA-co-AAM)) in the adsorption of methylene blue (MB) from aqueous solutions. The hydrogel nanocomposite was synthesized by the base-catalyzed hydrolysis and water condensation(More)
This article reports the development of biodegradable flocculants based on graft co-polymers of gum ghatti (Gg) and a mixture of acrylamide and acrylonitrile co-monomers (AAm-co-AN). The hydrogel polymer exhibited an excellent swelling capacity of 921% in neutral medium at 60°C. The polymer was used to remove saline water from various petroleum(More)
Case reports of 2 patients who developed pancreatitis and hyperlipidemia while using oral contraceptives are presented. The 1st patient had been taking Ovulen for 2 years when severe abdominal pain suddenly developed. Initially cholecystitis was diagnosed. Symptoms subsided within 1 week but recurred 2 months later, when the white blood count was(More)