Hemant Pardeshi

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A simple Physics based drain current model of AlGaN/GaN High Electron Mobility Transistor model (HEMT) is developed. The Proposed is useful for fast and accurate circuit simulation and analysis of Microwave and DC Characteristics. This model includes Channel length modulation and Velocity Saturation effect. Derived model results are compared with 1μm gate(More)
In this work, we investigate the performance of 18nm gate length AlInN/GaN Heterostructure Underlap Double Gate MOSFETs, using 2D Sentaurus TCAD simulation. The simulation is done using the hydrodynamic model and interface traps are also considered. Due to large twodimensional electron gas (2DEG) density and high velocity, the maximal drain current density(More)
In the present work, we have analyzed the influence of AlN spacer layer thickness (ts) on the device performances of a 120-nm gate length AlInN/AlN/GaN MOS-HEMT device, using 2D Sentaurus TCAD simulation. A hydrodynamic model with due consideration of interface traps is used for the simulations. Due to the high value of the two-dimensional electron gas(More)
The drain current model of symmetrical Underlap DGMOSFET is evaluated for subthreshold region. Model data is verified with simulation data for validation of the proposed model. For validation the drain current is evaluated with respect to gate to source potential. The drain current is calculated with variation of gate length, underlap length and silicon(More)
We analyze the influence of Al<sub>0.83</sub>In<sub>0.17</sub>N barrier layer thickness (T<sub>B</sub>) on device performance of 18nm gate length ultra thin body AlInN/GaN heterostructure underlap DG MOSFET, using 2D Sentaurus TCAD simulation. The device is designed according to the ITRS specifications and simulation is done using the hydrodynamic model.(More)
In this paper we have analyzed the effect of gate length variation on the DC parameters of In<sub>0.7</sub>Ga<sub>0.3</sub>As/InAs/In<sub>0.7</sub>Ga<sub>0.3</sub>As composite channel HEMT using 2D Sentaurus TCAD simulation. Hydrodynamic model is used for the simulation. The simulation model is calibrated with the previously published experimentally.(More)
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