Hemant Kumar Srivastava

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Studies were carried out on honeybees foraging on plant flowers. Results showed significantly higher foraging response of honeybees (Apis mellifera) in genetically divergent narcotic plant opium poppy (Papaver somniferum). Of the 18 mutants and two locally adapted cultivars of diverse genotypes screened, eight revealed significantly greater foraging(More)
Softness values E n † of estrogen derivatives and softness values E m † of receptor lysine, histidine, tyrosine and cysteine have been evaluated by Klopman equation. The required parameters for the solution of Klopman equation have been calculated with the help of PM3 method. The difference Δ E nm † between E n † and E m † has been derived for QSAR study.(More)
Four locally adapted and high yielding cultivars of upland cotton were examined in order to elucidate the relationship between total chiasma frequency and quantitative traits, including yield and fiber properties. Total chiasma frequency per nucleus was found to correlate positively with boll number (r = 0.4041), seed cotton yield (r = 0.6003), seed index(More)
There has been a profound interest in designing small molecules that interact in sequence-selective fashion with DNA minor grooves. However, most in silico approaches have not been parametrized for DNA ligand interaction. In this regard, a systematic computational analysis of 57 available PDB structures of noncovalent DNA minor groove binders has been(More)
The binding free energies (ΔG(Bind)) obtained from molecular mechanics with Poisson-Boltzmann surface area (MM-PBSA) or molecular mechanics with Generalized Born surface area (MM-GBSA) calculations using molecular dynamics (MD) trajectories are the most popular procedures to measure the strength of interactions between a ligand and its receptor. Several(More)
Molecular mechanics with Generalized Born surface area (MMGBSA) based binding energies (BEs) derived from the molecular dynamics (MD) trajectories are highly reliable and extensively used standards to estimate the strength of interactions between ligands and their receptor. MD simulations (5 ns) for 30 aromatic furan aminidino derivatives (anti-Pneumocystis(More)
QSAR study of derivatives of testosterone has been made with the help of quantum mechanical parameters such as Absolute Hardness (eta) and Electronegativity (chi). These two parameters have been derived with the help of density functional theory. The 3-D modeling and geometry optimization of all the compounds have been done with the help of PCMODEL software(More)
Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) between fluorescent proteins (FPs) is widely used to construct fluorescent sensor proteins, to study intracellular protein-protein interactions and to monitor conformational changes in multidomain proteins. Although FRET depends strongly on the orientation of the transition dipole moments (TDMs) of the donor and(More)
Capture and sequestration of green house gas CO(2) is a major challenge for scientists and identifying right materials for this purpose is a task of outstanding importance. Through reliable computational studies, we have demonstrated that the clathrate cages (5(12), 4(3)5(6)6(3), 5(12)6(2), 5(12)6(4), and 5(12)6(8)) have a great potential to store CO(2).(More)