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In this paper we show that modulating the source rate of a video encoder based on feedback information from the network results in graceful degradation in picture quality during periods of congestion. Such source rate modulation techniques have been used in the past in designing video encoders used to generate data at a fixed rate. In such constant bit rate(More)
High performance computer communication between multiprocessor nodes requires significant improvements over conventional host-to-network adapters. Current host-to-network adapter interfaces impose excessive processing, system bus and interrupt overhead on a multiprocessor host. Current network adapters are either limited in function, wasting key host(More)
The flow/congestion control scheme of TCP is based on the sliding window mechanism. As we demonstrate in this paper, the performance of this and other similar end-to-end flow control schemes deteriorates as networks move to the gigabit range. This has been the motivation for our search for a new flow and congestion control scheme. In this paper, we propose(More)
The promise of a broadband integrated service digital network has led to the design of mechanisms for efficient transport of real-time compressed video in packet switching networks. We examine feedback control for video transport in ATM networks where the available feedback is a single bit of information carried in the cell header. We investigate the(More)